Ask your employees, partners and customers what news they would like to receive from you and deliver 100% personalized and targeted newsletters!


Communication is the most critical building block in your relationship with your own employees, sales partners and customers. But sadly, communicating well and in a targeted manner is difficult, especially when you consider the multi-tiered audiences you have, the multi-lingual regions you cover and the multiple product lines you sell.

How can you provide your audiences with the news they want and need without having to create hundreds of costly HTML newsletters?

newsondemand, our unique newsletter platform, solves this problem by putting your audiences in control. It enables you to share news based upon the recipients' selections, delivering HTML newsletters when requested, without the need for any HTML development.

The ‘One-size-fits-all’ approach is no longer your only option. Instead you will deliver 100% personalized and targeted HTML newsletters to each user, in a highly cost-effective manner, and your results will prove far better audience engagement.

Key Benefits for:

Partner Communications

When working with sales and channel partners, it is critical that you deliver news that is relevant to each of the different audiences you serve, whether they are distributors, Gold partners or SMB resellers. With newsondemand, you can cost-effectively produce 100% personalized and targeted content that is relevant to their needs. All content can also be accessed through your partner portal. By enabling partners to select their preferences, you will increase your newsletter and partner engagement levels and be the brand that ‘listens’.

Employee Communications

You need to keep your employees regularly updated with your latest news. By allowing them to select topic areas they actively wish to receive information on, such as internal recruitment, product developments, new customer announcements, etc. newsondemand enables you to improve your communications workflow, globally.

Customer Communications

You may know what your customers have purchased, but do you know what they are interested in? By allowing them to select how often they receive newsletters from you and about what topics, you will encourage greater loyalty, guaranteeing these customers are less likely to switch off from your brand, thus encouraging further purchases to occur.

Key Features

Multi-tiered News
With newsondemand you can share different news to and through different audiences, all from the same UI and platform. For partner communications, for instance, you can communicate to all different types and tiers of partners at once, but with different content.
Restricting News
newsondemand enables you to restrict the availability of your content by region(s) or country(ies), language, user types and levels, product/ industry categories, priorities, etc. This guarantees only the correct users can see the content that is for them.
Users are in control
newsondemand also lets your users select the type of content they would like to receive and exactly when they would like to receive your newsletters (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). This is all customizable and ensures recipients feel in control with your communications and only receive what is relevant to them.
No HTML Coding
newsondemand auto-generates newsletters based upon your content restrictions and your users’ preferences. There is no need for HTML/ email marketers to get involved, hence targeted newsletters can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively.
Global Solution
With newsondemand you can let local teams share local news to local markets, in their time zones, whilst enabling corporate teams to share content globally, or a mix of these processes. The platform is truly global, enabling you to serve all of your markets, in their local languages, from one location and receive global reports.
Fully Branded
With newsondemand the user portal will be fully branded to meet your corporate guidelines. The program name, portal url and email/newsletter templates will all be created for your organization, enabling consistency to keep your audience close to your brand.
Integrated Platform
newsondemand can easily integrate into your employee, partner or customer portal, whether you are using Salesforce, Eloqua or other CRM/PRM solutions. We can integrate via Single Sign On, or provide deeper integrations, reducing the registration and login burden for your users, so they can find their newsletters and emails wherever they are.
With newsondemand you have access to extensive analytics and reports to track and measure the success of your newsletters and emails, across your regions and user levels. Your account managers will send you monthly reports and analysis.
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Request a demo Want to see how newsondemand can increase your brand engagement?

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