Leverage the social presence of your advocates - employees, sales partners, customers and other influencers. Reach out to their followers and increase your brand exposure.


Marketing is about making sure your prospective buyers and existing customers are aware of all your corporate news and product updates. But how can you ensure this happens successfully, cost-effectively, every time you have news to share?

socialondemand®, our social media advocacy platform, uniquely solves this problem by enabling you to share news to and through your advocates. It lets you leverage the social presence of your employees, sales partners, customers or influencers. This will allow you to increase your brand exposure, far beyond your own networks. Your advocates will feel empowered with your news and more engaged with your brand, whilst allowing their followers to be kept up to speed with your organization's updates and other industry trends.

Key Benefits for:

Partner Advocacy

Most sales and channel partners have little time and resources to focus on social media. At the same time, they are a key source of business for your organization. With socialondemand you will enable your partners with your news, thought-leadership and industry content. They will become more socially active and drive more interactions with their own followers - your prospective buyers. A win-win for all involved: you extend your brand presence, they drive discussions with their followers and you both gain new customers.
60% of buying decision makers say branded content helps them make better product decisions
IT buyers spend two-thirds of the buying cycle online and on social networks before talking to a supplier (Forrester Research)
60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it (Demand Metric, 2014)

Employee Advocacy

Your employees are your greatest fans. With socialondemand you will empower them to become industry thought leaders by sharing your brand-compliant content on social media. This will drive interactions on their network of personal and professional connections, whilst generating brand awareness... and more leads.
Employees receive 2x higher click through rates than their employer sharing the same content (LinkedIn)
Content distributed through employees is shared 24 times more frequently than directly through the brand. (MSLGroup)
Sales reps using social media as part of their sales techniques outsell 78% of their peers. (Source: Forbes)

Customer Advocacy

Customers are often overlooked when considering advocacy programs. Your committed and long-standing customers should be included in your marketing activities. It doesn’t have to stop at creating a case study or a nice customer video. You should consider them as the best advocates you can leverage. With socialondemand you will enable them to amplify your voice in your markets. By sharing content they can relate to and validate, you will help them become thought leaders in their industry and help yourself become 'the' company to work with.
68% of people trust online opinions from other consumers, and place online opinions as the third most trusted source of product information (Nielsen)
90% of buyers trust product recommendations from people they know as opposed to 33% who trust brands (Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey)
Word-of-mouth recommendations are the biggest factor behind 20-50% of all buying decisions (McKinsey & Company)

Influencer/ Ambassador Advocacy

You may be in contact with other brand ambassadors, whether these are sponsored individuals or 'involved' influencers, and these typically have a significant social media and industry presence. Why not leverage their personal cloud by letting them share your brand messages to their followers via socialondemand? You will help them, as finding and creating good content is always a challenge. They will also help you by advertising your brands in markets and channels you may not be able to reach otherwise.
Customers acquired through word-of-mouth have a 37% higher retention rate (Deloitte)
73 percent of marketers have allocated part of their marketing budget to influencer marketing (Forrest Research)
71% of marketers believe that ongoing ambassadorships are the most effective form of influencer marketing (Altimeter)

Social Selling

Whilst social selling relies on understanding the audience you are selling to, it also relies on having news and updates that sales teams can share regularly to generate interactions. This is where socialondemand comes in. The sharing of your corporate content to and through your various audiences drives engagement and generates the awareness and discussions your sales teams require. With our in-depth reporting you can accurately measure engagement received, and allow your sales employees to become accountable for leads they have generated through social media.
78% of reps who use social selling practices outsell their peers (Forbes)
84% of B2B executives use social media to research purchase decisions, while 72% of B2B buyers use social media to research specific solutions (Demand Generation Report)
92% of B2B buyers use social media to engage with sales industry thought leaders (Datanyze)

Key Features

Multi-tiered Shares
With socialondemand you can share different streams of news to and through different audiences, all from the same UI and platform. This enables you to share specific content, product or industry-related, through particular audiences.
Global Solution
With socialondemand you can let local teams share local news to local markets whilst enabling corporate teams to share content globally, or a mix of these processes. The platform is truly global, enabling you to serve all of your markets, in their local languages, from one location and receive global reports.
Fully Branded
With socialondemand the advocate portal will be fully branded to meet your corporate guidelines. The program name, portal url and social media short urls will all be created for your organization, enabling consistency to keep your audience close to your brand.
Integrated Platform
socialondemand can easily integrate into your employee or partner portal, whether you are using salesforce, Eloqua or other CRM/PRM/ Marketing Automation solutions. We can integrate via Single Sign On, or provide deeper integrations, reducing the registration and login burden for your advocates.
Ease of Use
With socialondemand advocates can select what news they are interested in, and how frequently they would like to receive updates. They can edit all the content you share with them and schedule it, all in 3 clicks. They can also suggest content (back to you) or create their own content to share with their colleagues.
Consistency and Compliance
With socialondemand you create different streams of news that your advocates can share on their social networks. They can edit this content but the raw content and links remain yours to control. Our multi-level content creation and approval workflow also enables you to meet your organization's compliance and corporate social media usage requirements.
Global & Local Social Networks
socialondemand enables advocates to share news via Twitter, Facebook personal timelines and Pages, LinkedIn personal profiles and LinkedIn company pages. It also works with local social networks such as Xing (German markets) with many other solutions soon to be available.
Finding Content Made Easy
With socialondemand you can upload content via Microsoft Excel, created by your PR or social media teams and share them to your advocates. You can also create feeds using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, as well as RSS feeds and Twitter hashtags. This will dramatically cut down on the time you need to source great content!
With socialondemand you have access to extensive analytics and reports to track and measure the success of your campaigns, news, users and regions across all social networks. Your account managers will send you monthly reports and analysis.
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